E-learning and Digital Cultures

The Coursera course,”E-learning and Digital Cultures,” starts on January 28, 2013; however, hundreds of people are already actively engaged in “proliferating” the digital cultures and learning in the process.

I am a member of a Facebook group dedicated to setting up learning digital groups, exchanging ideas, and enthusiastically anticipating  the course beginning.

Group members exchange Twitter accounts, set up blogs, and create virtual study groups. Every day I learn about a new social media tool, a new cool website, and a new cool technology tool for sharing information. My head swirls with digits and images. And the course has not yet started!

Participants will craft new blogs – each presenting an individual perspective on what is happening in the digital world, each fighting for your attention, and each adding one more bit in the billion of bits of information.

As a participant I will reflect on what it means to be a human and an individual in a digital culture. What happens to my experiences and identity?

I have this love and hate relationship with technology – it opens doors and new unimaginable possibilities, yet it pulls and overwhelms, and makes me feel lost in the pool of digits. It trivializes my own experience, making it seem small and impersonal. How special is the picture of your cat among the billions of cat pictures on the net?! It makes miracles possible, and at the same time, it makes them uniform, multiple, insignificant- just another piece in the giant puzzle of information.

And, yet, I cannot resist the pull to participate, to engage, and to be present  in the virtual space.


5 thoughts on “E-learning and Digital Cultures

  1. Hello, there, and welcome to our MOOC. I look forward to reading your blog. I’ve noticed your involvement in E-Learning on a professional level. This entire experience has been exciting to see. My “tribe” still contains those who are well known in the field of Education, however, my new “tribe” of MOOCers beginning to be very supportive of me as a learning. The global experience will be very exciting! I would be interested in knowing who you are reading in terms of technology and culture.
    Sometimes I have “retro” days when I totally avoid social media. It feels good to do so periodically! Today we watch episode of “Matlock” and then chuckled when we heard one of the characters talk about the ways in which she researched for her chase WITHOUT the internet. That led to an interesting discussion about when we remembered using technology for research! LOL

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